My blog!

Unlike Yoshi i am not too lazy to actually code my blog instead of using wordpress.

October 27th 2017
Just got Super Mario Odyssey, a 2007 ROBLOX client was also found 2 days ago which caused some drama on Finobe. A user called EnergyDrink on the Finobe discord ate a cloth and almost got a stomach rupture, someone else helped him but unfortunatly he decided to do it again shortly after and he then actually got a rupture. Everyone tried warning him that it was a bad idea but he still did it and according to him his parents would not get him help and instead responded with taking away his computer and phone. As of 21:20 (Sweden) he was confirmed alive.
October 23rd 2017
Sidebars are finally added, also added a link to my wall of text page which anyone can shitpost in.

October 21st 2017
how the fuck do i make a sidebar seriously how the fuck did massive do that?

October 18th 2017
This is the first entry on the blog. Not really much else noteworthy other than some drama on Finobe, i also changed the site buttons to look different since i lost the old template and had to make a new one. Also changed the backround, which looks alot better now in my opinion. The Shibes Section is also finally more than one picture.