The Chronicles of Truth About Weebly

The Chronicles of Truth About Weebly by yoshi295295

"Ya know why weebly is shit? The lack of customization. You can't make something really special or outstanding using a crappy drag n drop system. Idk why ppl that use weebly just didnt choose neocities. Html is so easy, a 8 year old could understand the basics in a few hours. And with the power of code, you can make something unique that is not possible to do on weebly. Like for example, I always wanted to make a website with a enter screen. I used weebly back then, because i didn't know about neocities till now. I couldn't make a enter screen on weebly and needless to say I was disappointed. Now, that I have discovered neocities, I finally made the website I always wanted to make, and so did other people that used weebly. Wix is also shit too. I couldn't even find out what to do. So please, if youre using/thinking about using weebly or wix, just move on to neocities.

It's a really good website maker. Html is so simple, that i made my website in a few days. Yes. And trust me, I'm always bad with new stuff. I like early 2000s style websites. They look so simple, yet awesome at the same time.

It's really fascinating to see all of those gifs and the beautiful (depends on how you look at them) backgrounds. Like, seriously, modern websites are nothing compared to the early 2000s style websites.

Take for example, my website. It's inspired by all of those early 2000s sites, and a lot of people are praising it because it looks so good. Not to brag, but I think it looks good too. Creativity and simplicity is what make websites so awesome and easy to use. You can't really beat it, to be honest. Just take a look at all of those early 2000s style sites. They all are unique and creative in their own way. And that's a good thing. The "flat" theme modern sites use, while easy to use, aren't that creative. To make a good website, you need to make it unique and simple to use. With weebly, sites can be simple to use, but not unique. I take a look at weebly sites and most of them look the same. Simplicity isn't a bad thing. The lack of creativity and uniqueness is however.

HTML is a really good coding language for the beginners to make their own sites. My friends on this server can definitely agree with that statement. It's just so good and simple.

Not to mention, you can create something that can make people feel nostalgic. Remember Geocities? That was a good site maker. It's also really nostalgic. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to it in 2009. It still lives on in Japan, sure, but Japanese isn't a easy thing to learn when you're American. A good alternative is Neocities.

Alternatives that are NOT good are obviously Weebly and Wix. They are so bad. You can't make a unique site with them.

And with these words, the chronicles of truth about Weebly end here." -yoshi295295